MEX is utilising state of the art Equinix Datacentres in New York’s NY4 as well as London’s LD4.

Equinix NY4 is home to many of the world’s largest financial services firms. Because of their close proximity and partnerships with Equinix, MEX is taking advantage of Equinix Financial eXchange service which specialises in serving the unique needs of the banking and trading communities within the financial services sector.

This service allows MEX to link directly to Tier 1 banks and trading exchanges.

OneZero connectivity

The oneZero Hub allows brokers to choose from leading multi-asset liquidity providers to create customized liquidity pools that meet their unique business needs.

The Hub offers full integration with most popular retail and institutional front-end platforms. Brokers are also empowered with a high degree of flexibility in choosing the asset classes, LPs, and front-end platforms they want to support. No matter what mix of LPs you create, you can be confident that those on our platform have been vetted for favorable stability, good pricing conditions, reliable systems, and quality execution.

With configurable spreads and automatic fail-over to switch from primary to back-up LPs, the oneZero Hub ensures quick and easy integration with your business model, smooth operation, and a great experience for your clients.

Accessible Liquidity Providers

Trade with an Edge
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