The top 3 winners of MultiBank’s latest demo trading contest are out! The MultiBank Fast & Furious Trading Contest was a month-long demo trading contest that allowed traders around the world to show off their trading skills on our demo MT4 platform. The winners were determined by the top 3 traders who had the highest total equity at the end of the contest period, and were awarded cash prizes of US $10,000, US $3,000 and US $2,000 respectively.
This round’s trading contest winners came from around the world, with Mr. Junming Liu from China winning first place, Mr. Airone Helaria Alvaira from the Philippines taking second place, and Mr. Ardianayah Djubaili from Indonesia holding third place. The competition participants all started with an initial virtual fund of US$ 100,000, while the top 3 winners achieved impressive 3,727%, 645% and 410% gain in equity respectively by the end of the trading contest.




In relation to his trading experience with MultiBank’s demo competition, Mr. Liu shares, “I saw from the non-farm payrolls and unemployment data release that MultiBank’s server response, overall spreads and slippage avoidance are much more favorable than competing trading platforms’. Moreover, the services provided by the company was also good.” He concluded by recommending all traders to learn more about MultiBank’s advanced trading platforms, and thanked the Group for giving him the opportunity to test out our demo platform while taking home his first place prize of US$ 10,000.
Congratulations to the 3 winners for their performance in the MultiBank Fast & Furious Trading Contest! And thanks to all who joined us for this round of demo competition.
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