28th July 2018, Wuhan, China-
The 2018 Money Trip Global Investment Summit took place in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province and the political and financial center of central China.
Organized by FXEye, one of China’s most influential forex medias, the Summit has invited experts, scholars, financial analysts, brokers, asset management companies, Introducing Brokers and investors in the industry to jointly exchange and discuss the latest developments and trends in the global forex industry.
MultiBank Group was invited to participate in the Summit and was one of the main broker participants during the event. During the summit, MultiBank took the opportunity to showcase its latest products and services and shared with the investing public the Group’s accomplishments and advantages over the years.
During the event, Wall Street Headline App interviewed Mr. River Huang, MultiBank’s Director of Sales (Asia). Mr. Huang touches on topics such as the current trends in China's forex market, as well as the future development of MultiBank Group.
Mr. Huang believes that, while there are currently some non-regulated or unlicensed brokers in the Chinese forex market, as time goes by, they will be weeded out of the market. He also told investors to be cautious and to only work with companies that are fully licensed and regulated by the top financial regulators worldwide. In this regard, MultiBank Group has more than 10 years of experience in the forex industry just within China, and will continue to adhere to and support the regulator’s drive to make the China forex market a more transparent place.