On the eve of the Chinese National Holiday, MultiBank Group’s Beijing office held a dinner banquet to celebrate the Beijing office’s success over the last year and the hard work of all the employees who enabled that success. The get-together included employees from all departments who came together while the heads of departments gave speeches of the success of the Group and their teams.

Mbg Beijing Office Holds Dinner 1

Mbg Beijing Office Holds Dinner 2

Mbg Beijing Office Holds Dinner 3

As a multicultural, multilingual, multinational enterprise, MultiBank Group combines a stimulating work environment with a dynamic and professional team, inspiring ideas and innovations while encouraging close interpersonal relationships.

Mbg Beijing Office Holds Dinner 4

MultiBank Group received acclaim this year, featuring as the most admired company of 2017 in the business publication Insights Success Magazine. This came on the back of the Group’s successful launch of its asset management business in Germany, along with the establishment of MEX Wealth Management subsidiary regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.