The secret is out!

Are you an FX Trader that’s wondered what other traders are doing? Well now you can know!

Enhance your FX trading like the Pro’s and discover what Traders are doing in the market with the MEX NexGen MT4.

This simply means that if you use these smart trading tools you will be able to see things in the markets that other traders that aren’t using this technology can’t see.  This automatically gives you your unfair advantage.

How it works

MEX NexGen offers additional institutional quality MT4 tools over above those provided in the underlying trading platform. This includes advanced trade execution and management, decision assistance, sophisticated alarms and messaging broadcasting facilities, plus news and market data.

MEX NexGen MT4 provides traders with an unfair advantage by providing a clearer trading foresight with an additional 11 features on MT4.

Supercharged MT4 tools

Don’t get caught off guard! There are so many tools in this NexGen Package to help traders, so here are the 3 top highlights for you, to help outsmart the markets:

Our Sentiment Trader shows unbiased percentage of traders that have real open long or short positions in any symbol. Meaning this allows you to see live trade data of traders even outside of MEX’s client base.

The Session Map gives the trader a quick market overview through the world’s key markets and time zones. Ultimately it keeps you updated to with key announcements and shows you when institutional traders are most active.

Also the Correlation Matrix helps traders to manage risk and trade with greater confidence by outlining correlations between pairs of trading symbols.

Why you can’t miss out on this offer

Align yourself with the Pro –Traders! Benefit from these sophisticated trading tools and improve your

Trading performance for free!

  • Advanced management tools: Mini Terminals risk calculator & the Alarm manager SMS notifications
  • Enhanced ordering: Discover the Correlation between markets
  • Sentiment trading: Get a broader perspective of market behavior

Along with OCO orders, hedging management, Multiscreen trading, customized chart time frames

Alarm Manager - MEX NexGen MT4

What our clients are saying

I’ve been trading for 3 yrs now and I was still hesitant with what direction to trade even after reading news each morning but the MEX NexGen Sentiment Trader softened the noise by providing an unbiased market sentiment.


I have always struggled to recognize what markets were leading indicators. After using the Correlation Matrix I was aware on what other pairs to keep a close eye on.


Welcome to Mex Exchange, the place where existing and professional FX & CFD traders will find personal expertise, technologies and systems to help traders be more successful in their wealth creation aspirations.

We are an ASIC regulated Australian based Forex broker with clients from all around the world. Client funds are held in a segregated trust account with National Australia Bank.

Our super tight MT4 is pricing is derived from tier one liquidity providers whilst utilising state of the art Equinix Data Centres in New York’s NY4 as well as London’s LD4 which is all being supported by OneZero Financial technology.

We serve a higher purpose & believe in thinking differently, therefore our focus is our clients’ objective.

What we offer

  • Super-fast execution
  • Tightest spreads in the market
  • Advanced MT4 award winning trading platform
  • Superior trading tools

Why we are different

  • Challenger brand to do things differently
  • We are human and we care
  • We will fight for your business and fight to keep it
  • Personal expertise in everything we do

How we do it

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Incredible & personal service
  • Education Packages
  • Innovation always

Download your FREE MEX NexGen MT4.

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