MEX offers you a true breakthrough in account management that earned reputation and respect in the financial sphere worldwide.

MEX Account Manager (MAM) and the Percent Allocation Management Module (PAMM) represent an ideal solution to manage and trade multiple MT4 accounts simultaneously. Professional traders and asset managers can enjoy a wide range of cutting edge technologies, first-class solutions and services with MAM and PAMM accounts by MEX.

MT4 Multiterminal (PAMM)

Designed by Metaquotes, MT4 Multiterminal software allows traders to manage several live or demo accounts at the same time. Giving an opportunity to improve your trading and business it brings all the advantages of an MT4 platform, such as its functionality and wide range of instruments, however excluding EAs.

MEX Account Manager (MAM)

MEX Account Manager (MAM) proved itself a more advanced technological solution used mostly by professional money managers. In comparison to MT4 MEX terminal (PAMM), MAM software offers greater functionality and allocation methods. Being designed by a third company MAM shares all the benefits of an MT4 terminal allowing traders to use EAs, charts, indicators, etc. MAM introduces an ideal and sophisticated method to manage several accounts under one single Master Account with combined equity inside MT4 terminal.

MEX Account Manager (MAM) software is specifically designed for professional traders and money managers to enable effective trading and management of multiple accounts from a single interface. Offering user friendly interface, advanced technologies and sophisticated features MAM proves itself one of the best solutions in account management.

MAM Features

  • Support unlimited trading accounts
  • Place SL, TP and pending orders
  • Standard, Mini and Micro lots
  • Provides market watch window
  • Creates instant execution, Broker control and simple server updates
  • Gives an opportunity to execute orders in bulk with instant allocation to managed accounts
  • Partial close of orders
  • Trade using Expert Advisor (EA)
  • Generates reports for each managed account
  • Had three allocation methods: Lot-Percent-Proportion
  • Gives you an overview of open trades, balancer and margin levels of each account

MAM Requirements

Minimum 3 clients account with same group, total amount over $30,000 and 0.1 pips fee per trade

MAM Money manager has to sign a Power of attorney (POA) form with account owner in order to agree fees and profit sharing structure.

Accessible Liquidity Providers

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