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Foreign Exchange

The FOREX market is by far the largest market in comparison to the equities and futures markets. It offers traders a higher volume and much more liquidity and so popular currency pairs are traded 24 hours a day. Not only is the FOREX market the largest market; it is highly liquid producing less slippage and provides the additional allure of huge leverage.

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Factors That Influence Exchange Rates

Exchange rates are the most watched, analyzed and governmentally manipulated economic measures and here we look at some of the major forces behind exchange rate movements. Remember, exchange rates are relative, and are expressed as a comparison of the currencies of two countries. Principal determinants of the exchange rate between two countries:

  • Inflation
  • Interest Rates
  • Current-Account Deficit
  • Public Debit
  • Terms of Trade
  • Political Stability

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Create a Trading System

When a trade is placed with no trading system or plan, it has a 50:50 chance of moving in any one direction (either up or down). A trader can never predict which direction the trade is going to move on any one trade. However, it is possible to create a probability of the market moving in your desired direction using known patterns and charting indicators from historical data.

Managing Your Trades

It is imperative to understand your money management on trades. A few important points to consider are: 2.1 Trade Capital Trade capital, otherwise referred to as the trading float, is the amount of money a trader has in their account.

Trade Capital

Trade capital, otherwise referred to as the trading float, is the amount of money a trader has in their account.
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Risk Amount

Risk amount refers to the amount of capital you are willing to lose on any one trade.

Should it be $100, $200, $500 or maybe $1000? There needs to be a point of pain. Ask yourself, where is your pain threshold? Keep in mind two questions:

  1. How big is your account?
  2. How many times will your system allow you to lose?

Calculating Stop Loss Position

The risk amount will define where you will place a stop loss. Typically traders will risk no more than 2% of capital per trade. Therefore if trader “Bob” has $10,000, he will not lose any more than $200 if a trade goes against him.

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Currency Quotes

Currencies are always quoted in pairs. This means the value of a currency is determined by comparing one currency with another. For example, the AUD/USD is the Aussie compared to the Greenback where the first currency is referred to the base currency and the second currency is referred to as the counter currency or base currency. Therefore, in the example of AUD/USD we are shown the dealing rates or “how many of the counter currency (USD) it takes to buy the base currency (AUD)”

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FOREX is quoted in pips (price interest point). This is the smallest increment or change that the currency can make. Most of the majors are quoted as 4 decimal points. This means the change is 1/100 of one percent or 1 basis point. An exception to this is the Yen, which only trades 2 decimal points.


A FOREX trade is commonly placed using leverage and is offered in three levels of lot sizes. 1. Standard lot ($100,000) returns approx. $10 per pip 2. Mini lot ($10,000) returns approx. $1 per pip – 12 – 3. Micro lot ($1,000) returns approx. 10¢ per pip

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