DupliTrade provides clients with an advanced auto-execution mirror system, which allows clients to automate their trading on Forex, Indices and Commodities, by duplicating the trades of strategy providers, whose accounts are displayed in DupliTrade’s site.

DupliTrade’s clients can create their own robust portfolio based on the trading activity of the strategy providers they wish to follow.

All the accounts displayed on DupliTrade’s site are the real accounts of experienced traders, trading with real money.

How does it work?

DupliTrade offers you a simple yet innovative way to automate your trading by duplicating expert traders’ activity according to your selected duplication setup.

DupliTrade’s innovative auto-execution mirroring system allows you to duplicate the trades of your favorite strategies by automatically executing orders in your trading account, without any further intervention by you. Clients have the ability to adjust their exposures to several strategies, thus creating a fully-automated, robust and balanced portfolio.

Duplitrade pay a success fee to the strategy providers, only for profitable trades they execute. Strategy providers are not paid for losing trades.

Introducing DupliTrade

Step 2

How do I join?

Simply register with Duplitrade and link your new or existing MEX MT4 trading account.

Once you link your MEX MT4 trading account fund it and you are good to go! The strategies require a minimum funding of $1800.

Access DupliTrade with MEX Exchange

  1. If you haven’t already, open a live trading account
  2. Create a Duplitrade account with MEX Exchange
  3. Contact support@mexexchange.com and request to link your account to Duplitrade.

DupliTrade also offers an insightful Blog to help our traders understand automated trading in more depth.

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